The Best Pancake

After being cooped up inside for the last couple of days, the down pour of rain finally ceased and the sun fought its way back into the sky.

We decided to take advantage of the sunshine, we relaxed for a couple of hours by the pool and hired a scooter for the day.



Tim was a bit nervous to drive initially as everyone over here are crazy on the roads. Scooters and cars come from left, right and centre, we were actually amazed that we didn’t see any accidents.

We decided to scoot to Fisherman’s Market, we found a lovely little place tucked away called ‘Oasis’ and decided to have an early dinner there. It was the cheapest meal we’d had in Thailand yet!

After dinner we strolled along the beach and enjoyed the sunset, the sky was filled with an array of colours and was just breathtaking to see.


Before we headed back towards the resort we thought we would give our first ‘vendor’ food a go. We had be warned to stay away from street meats and vendor foods, but a friend of us said we had to try their pancakes whilst we’re in Thailand. So we did.

We found a lady down the road claiming she sold ‘The Best Pancake’ and ordered two banana pancakes. It was fascinating to watch as the lady stretched the dough until in was 10x the original size and cooked it on the sizzling hot plate. I had never seen someone chop a banana so fast in my life and before we knew it the pancakes were cooked and ready to eat.

They were honestly the best pancakes I had ever tasted!


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