From the Mainland to an Island

After spending an amazing week in Koh Lak, we check out and booked a taxi to take us back to the airport so we can catch our flight to Koh Samui.

Mr Tee was our drivers name and he agreed to take us to the airport for 1400 baht (which is 600 baht cheaper than what we paid to get up there). Mr Tee was really nice and had great English, he talked about his life in Thailand, asked about our trip and loved the sound of where we wanted to go and that we had little plans.

When we got to the airport we checked in and waited for our flight to be called. We had to catch a shuttle bus from the terminal to our plane and loved that the plane we were to fly on was a small propeller plane decorated with pictures of fish and the underwater world.

When we arrived in Koh Samui an hour later the sun was shining and there was a shuttle with our names on it. The second part of Tim’s family wedding present to us was a week in Koh Samui at the Mantra Samui Resort



The resort is listed as 5 stars, but personally I wouldn’t say it is. Mantra Samui is built on a very steep hill and the rooms are all up stairs, it is run by young Thai people who only a small handful are able to speak English. There is one restaurant at the top of the hill, which is really slippery to get to when it rains. Because the resort is so remote you need to either hire a scooter (300 baht for 24hours) or wait for an allocated time for the shuttle bus to take you to either Chewang or Fisherman’s Market.

On the positive side the rooms are very clean and the views are beautiful. They have events on every other day from cocktail night to nibbles and mingle. The price for scooter hire is reasonable and if you can find a good time to use the shuttle services, it is a free way to get around. We had breakfast included, which consisted of bacon, eggs, pancake and coffee with a buffet selection of bakery goods, soups, cereals and fruit for you to pick from.

breakfast view

The beautiful view from the restaurant

As it was our first night in Koh Samui we decided to take the shuttle bus to Chewang to see what the nightlife was like. Chewang was very busy and smelly in some places, but the atmosphere was great. We found a nice little restaurant for dinner and walked around taking everything in until the shuttle bus was ready to take us back.

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