The Green Fairy

Prague, a place where a decomposing hand lies, a cursed clock stands tall and green fairies fly. A city filled with museums, thousand years of history and cultural attractions.

The city of Prague is beautiful. Everywhere you look you are surrounded by picturesque views, beautiful buildings and a healthy supply of absinthe 🙂

We rocked in quite late and drove around until we found a cheap hotel, checking in we decided on  an early night.

We had found a free walking tour in Prague, it started at 11AM so we checked out of the hotel and drove into the city.

Meeting at the Astronomical Clock, we grabbed a bratwurst each and waited for the tour to start.

Our guides name was Bianca and she was from the Ukraine. Bianca’s English was easy enough to understand and she was very knowledgeable.

The free walking tour was really good, recommend if you are looking for something more to do in Prague. The tour is on the longer side averaging 3 hours, but runs through Old Town, Astronomical Clock, Prague Castle, Jewish Quarter, a church which hangs a (now decomposing) hand from the ceiling and much more.

Church of Our Lady before Tyn

Church of Our Lady before Tyn

Franz Kafka

Franz Kafka

This metal statue of a man riding on an invisible mans shoulders was made by a famous Czech artist Jaroslav Rona. Apparently if you rub the mans foot, it will bring you good luck. Guess there is no harm in giving it a go 🙂

Decomposing Hand

Decomposing Hand

The hand is hanging here to warn off any future thief’s.

A man once attempted to steal the donation money in this church and getting greedy he tried to steal a gold necklace that was around one of the statues neck. Reaching up to take the necklace, the statue suddenly came to life and took a hold of the thief’s wrist. When the locals came into the church the following day they saw this man caught in the statues grasps and realised what he was doing.

The men couldn’t let the man down so cut off the thief’s hand. The church then decided to hang the thief’s hand from the ceiling as a warning to anyone else who ever had the idea to steal from them.

After the walking tour we explored the city some more, walking across the bridge and looking at the castle. We then booked into a cheap apartment in the old side, grabbed some tortellini and beers from the local supermarket and checked into our apartment.

Love this sign

Love this sign

Our room was private with a shared kitchen and bathroom. Each room held two private bedrooms, so we only shared the bathroom and kitchen with one other couple, which was nice. We spent the night looking on couch surfing for hosts for our next few destinations – Poland, Hungary, Austria and Croatia.

After a couple hours of reading profiles, sending requests and enjoying our dinner and beers, we had positive requests for Poland, Hungary and Austria, which was great! All three of our hosts were completely different in age, gender, interests and travel experience. However, we had at least one common interest with each of the hosts (excluding the love to travel) as that always provides us with something to talk about.

Tim and I really enjoy couch surfing, I cannot recommend it enough! Couch surfing really is the best way to meet new people and hang around like minded people who enjoy traveling also.

Tomorrow we were heading to our next destination, Krakow, Poland!

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