When Animals are the Stars

Today we awoke to another beautiful sunny day, so we decided to hire a scooter again and head to the Samui Aquarium and Tiger Zoo

Bottle feeding a baby tiger has been on my to do list for years and when I did a search for bottle feeding in Koh Samui this is the place that came up.


Personally I wouldn’t go there again and honestly I wouldn’t recommend this place to people unless you are like me and really want to bottle feed a tiger cub.

The animal shows had entertaining values, but we definitely didn’t walk away feeling like if we hadn’t seen the shows we were missing out.

Being an animal lover it was nice to be able to have photos with sea lions, otters and exotic birds.

sea lion


We went to watch the bird, otter and tiger show, it was crazy some of the things the ‘Tiger Trainer’ would do with the fully grown tigers. He had the tigers jumping through hoops caught on fire and even did a trick when he had a slab of meat between his teeth and let the tiger take it off of him! Crazy!


fire tiger


When it came to bottle feeding the tiger cub I was very excited, it was quite a big cub and went straight for the bottle.


The cub was balanced on both of our laps as the ‘Tiger Trainer’ rushed the guy taking our photos to hurry up. The whole experience was over within 45 seconds and the next couple were up.

Unfortunately I can’t show you the photos we had taken with the tiger cub as when we got back to the hotel, something happened with our memory card and we lost those photos 🙁

We decided to drive a lap of the island seeing as we had hired a scooter and the sun was shining. It took us 3 hours to do a complete lap, approximtely 2 hours in our bellies started to rumble so we found a beautiful place where the sun shone picture perfectly down on the waters surface and stopped for a Thai curry and rice.


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