Turtle Laying

On the evening of Tim’s 30th birthday we decided to go for a walk along the beach and try our luck at finding a turtle laying her eggs. We walked about 1km to the left of our hut and decided to turn back.

Tim really wanted to end his birthday seeing a turtle, so we decided to walk a little further passed our hut. Just as our hopes began to sink we saw a man flash a red light at us. Walking over to him the man said ‘no lights, turtle laying’.

We couldn’t believe our luck! Tucked away, in between two sunbeds was a deep hole in the sand and a big female turtle laying her eggs.

It was a beautiful sight. We lay behind the turtle and watched her for an hour as she laid her eggs. Every time about 3 eggs were laid the man who grabbed our attention would put is hand under the turtle and lift the eggs out.

They do this because where the turtle decided to bury her eggs was a very popular place, so the man collects the eggs, takes notes about the turtles measurements, etc and buries them further up the beach away from the public traffic.

We felt really blessed to see such a beautiful thing and hope that anyone who comes to Tulúm, or anywhere in the world where turtles come to lay, that they are lucky enough to experience this too.

turtle laying


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