Beautiful Beach Wedding in Tulúm

Tim and I headed to Tulúm for one of Tim’s school friends, Ryan’s, wedding.

Tulúm beach looks like the type of beach you would see in a travel magazine – warm turquoise waters, white sands, coconut trees and sunshine.

On the 18th June was Talya ‘s hens night 🙂 All of the girls went for some drinks and games at Ziggy’s Beach Club; we spent a couple of hours here then caught a mini bus to Mezzanine Thai Restaurant for a delicious feed. We spent a couple hours at Mezzanine’s before it was time for dancing and more cocktails.

The boys went out the next day, Ryan was dressed in very sexy attire supplied by a few of the lads, whilst all the other boys rocked the Hawaiian shirts.

bucks attire

The boys had a busy day planned, starting with the Coba Ruins, you can click here for more information on these magnificent ruins. The boys hired a tour guide who led them around for 45 minutes explaining about the ruins and the history of Coba, Tim and Max then hired bicycles and cycled to the main ruin whilst everyone else walked.

cobaThe 42m tall Nohoch Mul – the largest ruin at Coba

on top of the world

group shotA group shot of all the boys cranking the Hawaiian shirts

 In total the boys were at the Coba Ruins for about 2 hours, it was really hot so the boys thought it was time to go for a dip.

Taking them to a secret cenote tucked away in the middle of nowhere. This secret cenote turned out to be very beautiful and the boys spent an hour splashing around in the crystal clear fresh water.


Under this little hut was a spiral staircase, which took the boys down about 15m into a beautiful cenote.


tim and ryan

The rest of the night is a bit of a blur to Tim, let’s just say that he stumbled home at 8am feeling a wee bit tipsy. I believe it came down to just a few lads having drinks on the beach, but Tim wasn’t really making much sense when he wandered home 😉 It also may have been that at midnight it rolled over into Tim’s 30th birthday and a few of the lads thought it would be a good idea to give him a few tequila shots in celebration!


On the 21st June – Summer solstice Ryan and Tayla got married.

The wedding couldn’t have been on a better day, the sun was shining, the moon was almost full and all of the boys had recovered from the buck shows ordeals.

The wedding started at 5:30pm, everyone looked lovely and were in really happy spirits.

aisleThe aisle was outlined with seaweed, plants & maracas – very beachy 


walking down the aisleTalya looked absolutely stunning walking down the aisle with her father Bert

saying the vows

Talya and Ryan had around 50 guests at the wedding, from all over the globe. The wedding reception was held outside of a beautiful villa right on the beach. There was a long table set up for dinner and a smaller separate table for the bride, groom and closest friends. The scenery was beautiful, the speeches held touching words and the bride and groom looked like they were the happiest people in the world 🙂



The night was full of laughs and good times

The boysIt was really nice to catch up with friends from Australia again



max, tim and willow

the beautiful bride

It was a really beautiful night, thank you Talya and Ryan for inviting us. We had a great time and wish you all the happiness in the world as you live the rest of your lives as husband and wife.


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