Dos Ojos Cenote Diving

Tim and I were so excited to be getting back in the water diving again!!

We had booked in for a cenote dive, I’m not going to lie, being claustrophobic I was nervous to do a cavern dive, but knew it would be something I would regret if I didn’t do it.

We were picked up from our hotel in Tulum at 7:45AM and taken to the dive store where we grabbed a couple wet suits and got onto the bus.

excitedly waiting

When we arrived at Dos Ojos (about 15 minutes from Tulum centre) we set up our gear and listened to our instructor about the plan of attack for today and what we should expect when diving in this particular cenote.



Once we were all briefed we put on our gear and walked down the steps towards the entrance to the cavern. We were greeted with a pool of crystal clear water and rock…


Hopping into the very fresh 23ºc water we checked our buoyancy and deflated our BCD’s. The cavern diving was amazing!! I would have to say that Dos Ojos was the most beautiful thing that I have ever seen! Unfortunately it was very dark inside and we couldn’t get very good pictures, but the photos we have when there was extensive lighting came out pretty good – shows the great visibility of 100+ meters. We did 2 dives here, one on the ‘Crocodile line’ and one on the ‘Bat Cave’ both were amazing. The Bat Cave was a lot darker and more enclosed, but when you get to the shallower areas you can pop up to the surface and watch the bats flying above you.



IMG_8138The Crocodile line ends when you reach this hungry plastic crocodile munging on a Barbie doll.

IMG_8153The water was so unbelievably clear!!


IMG_8187Plants growing inside the cenote

IMG_8223The Exit, so pretty!



Both dives went for almost an hour, in between the two dives we stopped for a banana, biscuits and drink. Once we had finished we decided to buy a souvineer t-shirt each and then got back on the bus back to Tulum.


Our guide Louis


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