Beautiful Santa Monica

After getting to the airport in Tokyo 5 hours early we still almost didn’t make our flight! Our exit ticket out of the USA exceeded the allowed 90 days, meaning that with half an hour to spare we had to pay $25 to switch our flight dates. Unnecessary stress, but all was good in the end and we made our flight and landed safely into Los Angeles.

We were even welcomed by Mr Obama.


Once we arrived and had collected our luggage we headed to the airport bus terminal as we read that you can catch a bus from LAX to Downtown LA for $1. This is indeed true, we couldn’t believe that it only cost $1 to travel just under an hour on the bus.

We had arranged to stay with a lady in Santa Monica. Newsha finished work later in the evening so we made our way to Santa Monica and grabbed a bite to eat. At 7:30pm we met Newsha, a friendly lady who made us feel really welcome, we all instantly clicked. For dinner we had vegetables, cheese, meats and wine and stayed up until late into the night talking about this, that and everything.


Tim really wanted to visit Santa Monica because of the travelling rings, so we spent an entire day playing on the rings, trying out slack lines, climbing ropes and enjoying the sunshine.

slack line

travelling rings

rope climb

Santa Monica is a beautiful place, eveyone at ‘Muscle Beach’ were really friendly and encouraged everyone to give things a go. It was a nice environment to be in and the sunsets were beautiful.

santa monica


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