You’re Never too Old for Disney

Disney Sea! I have absolutely loved Disney since I was a little girl so was really excited to go to the second Disneyland built in Japan. We were interested to read that both Tokyo Disney and Disney Sea are the only two parks that are not owned by The Walt Disney Company. A Japanese company have liscences from the Walt Disney Company which allows them to use Disney characters and themes. One thing we noticed was that they only had Mickey Mouse, Goofy, Mini Mouse, Donald Duck and Daisy characters walking around. Not saying they never have other characters, but when we were there they were the only ones we saw.

It is very easy to get to Disney Sea, we caught the train to Disneyland Resort and then you have the option to either catch the monorail or walk. We decided to walk as it was only about 15 minutes.

We thought coming here midweek would make the theme park less busy, but we were wrong! There were so many people, the record line that we saw was 180 minutes for one ride!

We pre-booked our tickets at a Disney store yesterday, so walked straight in. We were handed a map, but as it was all in Japanese I had to exchange it for an English one.

leading the way

We were greeted with the Disney band, a nice parade where the characters and musicians parade around the grounds.

disney parade

mini ears

teacups The teacups are a personal favourite, but at Disney Sea you have the shell cups, found in Aerial’s lair

Tim's favourite character

goofyTim’s favourite character Goofy, we thought the peace sign was very appropriate for Japan 🙂


Mickey’s line was really long, we waited until later in the night when we only had to wait 30 mins. We only got to meet the two characters as Mini Mouse’s line was really long as well and by the time we had met Mickey, Mini had gone home.


Eating the ever so healthy theme park food 😉 Chips and a chicken salad baguette. We were surprised to see that the park food wasn’t ridiculously overpriced, the sandwiches and chips was around $10. There were also drink stands and snack stalls with reasonable priced goods.

Disney by nightAerials Lair at night, the building really stood out

Temple of Doom

The Indiana Jones ride had a ridiculous 3 hour wait time, so we decided to ride as single riders as you can skip the line. Tim and I ended up in the same cart anyways, so all was good.

Toy Story World


I cannot recommend the Fantasmic Show at 8pm enough, it was fantastic. Especially if you are a Disney nut like me. The show lasted around 40 minutes and is filled with singing, dancing, light shows and fireworks.


It was a great day/night. We stayed until close and walked back to catch the train. Overall a really great day 🙂


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