Returning to the Motherland

After a 7.5 hour plane flight Tim and I were in England and guess what…the sun was shining!!!

We initially have 6 days in England before we leave for our 12 day cruise up to Russia. The first 3 days we spent with my friend from Australia and the other 3 days we spent with my cousin and family.

Because the sun was shining we met up with Emma, caught up on some zzz’s and headed into London central to enjoy the rays.

Big Ben



Walking towards Trafalgar Square we were greeted with the London Gay Parade. There were thousands of gay, lesbian, transsexual and bisexual people dressed in their colours parading what they believe in. It was fun to watch, everyone was in high spirits.



Once the parade had died down we continued our stroll through London, passing Buckingham Palace, beautiful parks, the Rolls Royce dealership and a street filled with luxury cars – Tim was in heaven.



After our tour, guided by Emma, was over we headed back to Brixton. The next couple of days were spent catching up, seeing the local sights and having a few drinking nights.

The next few days we spent with my cousin Adam. It has been 6.5 years since I had been back and seen the family, and this was the first time they would be meeting Tim. Adam, had planned a family lunch at Jamie Oliver’s Italian Restaurant, I was really excited to see everyone again.

jamie italian


The food was really delicious, Tim opted for the lamb roast and I went for spinach and ricotta cannelloni.

Our next stop was the very delicious M&M World, the aromas flying through the store was mouthwatering.

mm world

The place was pact!  We spent about 15 minutes walking around and taking photos with all of the characters.






The last day before we left for the cruise we spent the day at my nanna’s house. It was great to see that her 50 something year old tortoise Lady Jane was still alive and active.

lady jane


The week flew, even though we weren’t always out and about, it was just nice to catch up with the family and share our wedding and travel stories with them.

After the cruise we will definitely be back, so it wasn’t farewell, just see you later 🙂


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