Phuket Excursions

There are so many activities that you can do whilst travelling to Phuket, there are the ‘typical’ shows like Ping Pong Shows, for example. But there are heaps of outside activities, like the ones I’ve written about previously – sea kayaking, elephant trekking, ATV tours and white water rafting.

Other activities that we did in Phuket included Phuket FantaSea, Phuket Zoo and Phi Phi Islands, but these are just a small example of what you can do.

Phuket FantaSea is a, how should I put it…unique looking ‘theme park’. The decorations are very colourful and consist of weird looking creatures and characters.


There are opportunities to have photos with tropical birds, tiger cubs and baby elephants.


The buffet meal is really good, with a huge selection of savoury and sweet cuisines. Crystal and Matt very generously upgraded us to VIP, which allowed us to eat in a more fancy restaurant. This was really nice of them and we all ate ourselves silly.


We went to the 9pm show, the show is half circus and half graphics (which would have been mind blowing in the 80’s 😉 ). But the acrobatics and elephant tricks make it really entertaining.

The grounds are really pretty, the entrance to the restaurant has a bridge over a pool of water, which reflects the lighting nicely.


phuket fantasy

Phuket Zoo

Personally I wouldn’t recommend Phuket Zoo, it is sad to see the animals in small enclosures and the shows are very mediocre. It is a place where you can get photos with all different types of animals, if that is what you are interested in. They have snakes, an orangutan, monkeys, tiger, crocodiles and a few other animals.

We decided to have pictures with the monkeys, but I felt upset afterwards so decided against posing with any other animals.

monkey photo

The elephant show was probably the best, I would recommend seeing that one. The crocodile show was alright, it is crazy what the men put into the crocodiles mouth, but again it is sad how they are treated.

The elephant show goes for around half an hour, the elephants play musical instruments, perform tricks, play a game of soccer, give out massages and paint pictures.

elephant artist

After the crocodile show Tim and Matt lent over the enclosure to try and take clearer photos of the crocodiles. A Thai man started yelling something at them, instinctively the boys assumed the man was telling them to get away from the enclosure, but that wasn’t the case.

The Thai man was asking the boys to follow him into the enclosure!!!

There were 7 saltwater crocodiles in this one enclosure, one in the middle, resting on the slippery tiled floors.

Tim and Matt took their turns like crazy men and posed behind this huge crocodile.

croc show


Phi Phi Islands

An absolute must when visiting Phuket is a trip to the Phi Phi Islands. The Phi Phi Islands are beautiful, we were lucky and had a sunny day, but even if you went and the sunshine wasn’t there, it would still look really beautiful.


We went to Maya Beach – the beach used in the movie ‘The Beach’, it was beautiful, then when went and drank cocktails out of coconuts! Mine was Pina Colada and yes, it was delicious 🙂

coconut cocktails


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