One Night in Paris

Packing our backpack, Vicki kindly dropped us at Manchester airport where we were to catch our £19 flights to Paris via Ryan Air.

With Ryan Air, if you are not apart of the EU you need to get a verification stamp at check in, even if you only have carry on luggage. We saw a few couples at the boarding gate be denied flying on this flight because they hadn’t gone and got this stamp, silly really as the people at the boarding gate could check the passports.

Because Ryan Air is a budget airline, you are not assigned seats, so if you wish to sit together it is always a good idea to line up early, especially if the flight is full. Once we were aboard we could see the flight wasn’t fall so we scored a whole row to ourselves.

view from the sky

We landed in Beauvais airport, which is an hour bus ride from Paris. We had used a hotel voucher that we received from the Baltic Cruise so found a nice hotel just outside the city centre to stay in tonight.

The bus to Paris city cost 16€ and the bus was very comfortable, so we caught up on some zzz’s 🙂

Once we arrived in Paris we walked around and took pictures with the Arc de Triomphe, walked down Champs Elysees, grabbed a bite to eat from the local supermarket and walked the 10km to our hotel. Stopping by a great photo opportunity of the Eiffel tower.

eiffel tower

We were staying at the Novotel, so a nice hotel, Tim mentioned it was our honeymoon and they upgraded us to the executive suite, the only room in the hotel where you get a front on, clear view of the Eiffel Tower. Mini bar and breakfast was included too, which was great!

Exploring the hotel we went to the roof bar and took in the beautiful view before taking a stroll down the street to grab some bits and pieces for dinner.

Baguette, pate, cheese, olives and salami seemed appropriate, we also bought a bottle of sangria and went back to our room to eat our dinner and wait to watch the tower sparkle every hour well into the night.

Tomorrow my mum, brother, sister and nephew were flying from Australia, so Tim and I had decided to surprise them at the airport early tomorrow morning. I was so excited that I found it hard to sleep, making it a struggle to wake up in the morning.

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