From the Beach to Dunes Mue Nei

Getting up early we checked out of our hotel and headed to Mr Hero’s shop to wait for our bus. Tim ran to the local bakery and picked up some goodies for us, which lasted for both breakfast and lunch.

The bus came and as we had thought wasn’t the bus from the picture, questioning about being scammed the driver told us to get on the bus and work it out in Mue Nei.

Lucky for us we had yet another crazy bus driver, making any option to sleep disappear. Stopping a couple of times for toilet breaks we finally arrived in the sunny, but windy Mue Nei.

Walking up and down the town we decided on a nice guesthouse called ‘Delight Hotel’. for $15pn we had a private room with bathroom, mosquito net and a comfy bed.

Feeling like true backpackers ;) much more fun than living out of suitcases.

Feeling like true backpackers 😉 much more fun than living out of suitcases.

Tim was still angry about being scammed so we asked the guesthouse owner if we could please use their phone and called Mr Hero. After a heated discussion, to our surprise Mr Hero agreed to refund our money.

Still not 100% convinced we decided to walk along the beach and enjoy the day. Mr Hero had said that a man will drop off our money tonight around dinner time, then we could book with the actual company we originally thought we were going with.

Because of the wind, the beach was covered with windsurfers and kite boarders. Sitting down we enjoyed watching everyone and the sunshine.

Deciding on enjoying a meal at the guesthouse we enjoyed curry, dragon fruit, beers and some tasty churrios and as promised a man came and delivered our money back to us. He didn’t look too happy, but we sure were!


The next morning we booked in with the proper bus company, deciding on the 1AM bus to Nha Tran to avoid overnight accommodation costs. We also booked into a day tour, which included being driven around in a jeep and visiting Fairy Creek, beautiful sand dunes and a picturesque red dam.

Our sweet ride

Our sweet ride

Fairy Creek

Fairy Creek


We spent a good couple of hours playing on the sand dunes (was quite a good workout for the legs!) Some people hired quad bikes, but we had a lot of fun just running, flipping and rolling in the sand.

Was feeling very Australian in this dry red creek bed

Was feeling very Australian in this dry red creek bed

The day ended with a beautiful sunset over the sand dunes, it felt like we were in the middle of nowhere. The only thing we could see for miles was sand 🙂


Once we got back to our guesthouse we enjoyed another meal at the guesthouse and then checked out and left our gear at the bus depot where our 1AM bus would be picking us up from.

Walking to the local markets to pass some time we came across a crocodile on a spit, something you don’t see everyday.

Crocodile Spit

Crocodile Spit

After we enjoyed some waffles from a nearby French stall and then headed back to the bus depot, where we were relieved to see the proper bus show up.


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