From Sin City to the Big Apple

After going to Vegas for 4 days and staying for a little over two months we thought it was definitely time to pack our suitcases, say goodbye to our new Vegas friends and leave Sin City.

We booked a red eye flight to New York, which meant we needed to be at the airport for around 10:30PM. We were both feeling tired and didn’t like the idea of losing 3 hours as that meant we could only get 4 hours shut eye before we would need to be wide awake to take in the business and beauty of New York City.

As soon as the plane had taken off and we’d said our goodbye’s I drifted off into a deep sleep, Tim unfortunately couldn’t sleep so stayed up watching movies.

bye vegas

When we were nearing landing we were greeted with a beautiful sunrise to welcome us to New York City.


Once we had landed we collected our luggage and waited for our friend who kindly said we could crash at his for the 3 days we were here.

Once we met up with Dan we caught 3 trains to get from JFK to his and then sat around for a couple of hours catching up, before our stomachs started to rumble and we ventured out for food.

Dan took us to a sandwich place called Carnegie Deli and he wasn’t kidding when he said the they were famous for their big sandwiches!!

one big blt

There must have been a whole pig in between two slices of bread, needless to say I could not finish this and only just mange 3/4 of one.


Tim’s sandwich of meaty goodness was just…meat.

After we waddled down the streets of New York until we entered the busy quarters of Time Square.

time square day

As we only had three days in New York we really wanted to make the most of our time here and tick off as much of our ‘wishlist’ as possible. One of the things we thought we should do whilst in New York was to see a Broadway show. The is a discounted ticket booth in Time Square that had the biggest line I had ever seen. We decided a Broadway show was something we really wanted to do, so lined up for 45 minutes to get 2x tickets to see Annie.

annie musical

We were both excited and happy that there were tickets still available by the time we made it to the counter. We paid $51 each and were seated 20 rows back from the stage smack bang in the middle.

The show didn’t start until 7PM so we thought we would walk around town, take in Time Square and tick off the beautiful Grand Central Station.

grand central


We then found a quiet place to rest our bodies for an hour as we were starting to fade quickly – poor Tim had been up for nearly 35 hours straight now!

At 6PM we said goodbye to Dan and headed back towards Annie so we could be seated and relax for a couple of hours.

annie seats

Annie was amazing!! Was so very similar to the movie and the acting and singing was great. Tim even enjoyed himself 😉 Jane Lynch made a great Miss Hannigan and the sets and costume were so great. Highly recommend 🙂

The show finished around 9:30Pm, so we decided to grab a New York pizza slice and walk the 50 blocks back to Dan’s place and catch up on some much needed sleep.



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