From Down Under to Thailand

After getting married two days ago at the beautiful K1 Winery, Tim and I were very excited to start our honeymoon adventure around the world – And what better way than with 1-way tickets to Thailand!!

Our flight was at 10:40AM from Adelaide Airport, we said our farewells to our friends and family who came to bid us farewell and hopped on a plane to Perth.


Spending the day in Perth we decide on a Sizzlers dinner to fill our bellies and then made our way to Perth International Airport.

Our flight wasn’t until midnight, but because we needed to clear customs and claim back the gst on our camera and scuba gear, we wanted to make sure we had plenty of time.

When we finally boarded the plane, we were both asleep before the plane had even taken off! We didn’t awaken until we were descending into Singapore Airport where we had a 3 hour stop-over.


The time surprisingly flew and before we knew it we were seated and ready for take off.

We arrived into the busy airport of Phuket, where every man and his son seemed to be there yelling “TAXI!”

We pushed our way through as we had been advised not to accept any Taxi offers straight away as the closer you are to the terminal the higher their price would be.

We were heading to Khoa Lak, which is about 80km north of Phuket, the quotes were high as ‘it’s quite a long way’ so we settled with 2000 baht (approx 30 baht to $1 AUD), which is about half of what the lowest ‘quote’ was.

The drive was beautiful, we were in the drivers car for almost 2 hours, there were so many sights to take in from rain forests, villages, elephants, kids playing in the street and farmers.

We finally arrived at our resort, a generous wedding present from Tim’s family. We had 7 nights at the JW Marriot Resort and Spa a beautiful remote hotel about 25 minutes outside of Khoa Lak city.

We only had a Debit card with us so had to withdraw 14,000 baht as a security deposit. We decided to spend a little extra to upgrade our room to a ‘Pool Access Room’, this meant we had our own private entrance from our decking into the swimming pool, which was great!

swimming pool

The JW Marriott proudly flaunts the largest swimming pool in South East Asia. The pool is amazing, it took us about half an hour to leisurely make our way around the entire pool.

The weather was just beautiful, so we decided to wander down to the beach, swim in the ocean that felt as warm as a bath and relax in the sun.

The beach was lined with palm trees and men were climbing them to collect the coconuts above the deck chairs so that they didn’t fall on anyone.

Khoa Lak Beach

We explored the resort in hunt for somewhere to eat dinner. All the restaurants in the resort were really expensive so we decided to walk along the beach where we came across a row of beach hut restaurants. We decided on The Blue Mist, the prices were cheap and the choices sounded great.

We ordered green chicken curry, spring rolls, basil leaves and chicken, rice, cocktails and beers. All this cost less than a pub meal back home.

We enjoyed our drinks and dinner whilst watching our first sunset in Thailand, and man it was just beautiful!


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