Crazy Germans

Tim and I got up at 9am as we had planned to meet Jen and Ivan for breakfast, but they were slackers and stayed in bed. After we had eaten we knocked on Ivan and Jen’s door and awoke them from their slumbers.

We decided to meet at ours for 11am and leave together. When we finally made it off the boat the sun was shining and everyone was in great spirits. Warnemunde was holding boat racing and there were stalls set up all over the town. Warnemunde is a small town on the water, the scenery was really pretty.


Most of the people on the cruise had trained it into Berlin, which was 3 hours each way. We all decided against that as it is a long time to travel for the amount of time we would have to spend there.

As the weather was so nice we decided to stroll along the beach. There were games of handball being played, so we stayed and watched the girls team for a little while. One of the teams from Berlin were named the ‘Flying Kangaroo’, for obvious reasons we supported them 🙂


flying kangaroos

At 1:30pm our bellies started to rumble so we headed back towards the food stalls in hunt for some German sausage! We were successful here and found a stall selling just what we wanted.

sausage cooker

Tim went for a curry sausage and I had a bratwurst, they tasted delicious! During lunch we were lucky to meet the local drunk, Rambow. He joined us with his dog and 5 mini bottles of whiskey with about 10 empty bottles as well. Rambow was very funny, knew zero English but was a good laugh non-the-less.

german sausage


Rambow inspired us to go have a drink, so we said farewell and headed to one of the stalls selling traditional local beer – Rostocker.



Whilst we were having our beer we were greeted by several girls – Apparently the tradition in Germany when you are about to get married is to go out and sell as much ‘naughty’ toys as you can to the general public. Then with the money made all the guys/girls go out and spend the money on drinks. Sounds like fun to me! We were greeted by a few different groups of people so ended up with lots of funny toys by the end of the day.

hens party

After our beers we headed to the local supermarket and grabbed some alcohol to drink in the park. When we were there I asked a German boy how to say white wine in German. I’m not sure if something was lost in translation but he took that as an invitation to try and kiss Jen and myself. When we pointed to our husbands the guy then thought he could get out his manhood! We couldn’t believe our eyes, after what happened I felt really bad for asking how to say white wine 😉

BIG vodka

Once we managed to escape the boys, we headed to a local park and enjoyed a few drinks before making our way back to the boat.

drinking in the park

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