Cenote Azul

After a few days of Spanish school the weather finally started to heat up and as a group we decided to catch a Collectivo (for 30 pesos per person) and head to Cenote Azul for a cool down dip in a natural freshwater pool.

There is an entrance fee of 70 pesos per person, which isn’t too bad for what you got to see. I would also recommend mosquito repellant as there are quite a few mozzies buzzing around!

cenote azul

Cenote Azul is beautiful, we spent three hours swimming around the waters, jumping off of the rock ledges and having our feet cleaned by the sucker fish. The water is crystal clear with endless visibility, it would be about 4m deep in the deepest part, but has other sections that are shallower.


 A beautiful little boat hidden away 


 Ready, steady…




 Chilling in the crystal clear waters



Cenote Azul was a really nice way to end the day and would recommend visiting there if you are ever nearby:)


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