A Place to Call Home

Today we signed up for our Dive Master course with Buddha View, as we were only Advanced Divers we needed to do our Rescue and EFR course before we could do our Dive Master. The package allowed us unlimited diving, which is awesome! We signed up for our EFR course for tomorrow and Rescue course will commence 2 days later, we also put our names down for 4 dives tomorrow 😀

We then went on a hunt for a new home, as we would be staying in Chalok for a little while and wanted to be as close to the dive school as possible.

We looked around and decided on a spacious place at P&N Guesthouse, there were three rooms (lounge, bedroom and laundry/bathroom), TV (with only Thai channels), fridge and sink. It was perfect for what we needed and was only a 5 minute walk to the dive school. For our spacious room at P&N it was going to cost 9500 baht for the month (as December is the start of the peak season), which is the higher end of the accommodation price scale in Thailand, but because of the nice location, we thought was reasonable.


IMG_1497Our room is on the bottom right in this picture

Once we found our new home we both laid down and fell asleep for a couple of hours, unfortunately we both ate something yesterday that didn’t agree with our bellies. When we woke up we got our new scuba gear organised, set up our dive watches so that they were all good for tomorrow morning, grabbed some dinner from across the street at our nearest 24 hour restaurant named ‘Fishy’s’.

We then walked back home, set our alarms for 6:30AM and went to sleep.

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