A Hectic Day in NYC

After almost no sleep Tim and I woke up and got ready to catch the train to the Staten Island Ferry so that we could see NYC from afar and also sneak in a peek of the Statue of Liberty. The statue was still closed because of all the damage that occurred during the most recent hurricane, so we were not able to go inside of her, but the ferry ride gave us a good enough view 🙂

statue of liberty

The weather was perfect so we were lucky enough to be able to take clear pictures of the statue and NYC. When we got to Stanen Island, we had to wait half an hour before the next ferry was going to leave so grabbed a bite to eat and enjoyed the sunshine.

On our return we took in the beauty of NYC, a mass jungle of cement.


Once we were back on solid ground again we waited at the station for Dan and then headed to our next New York experience…

We had heard from Ivan and Jennifer about a fun game you can play called ‘Accomplice‘ it is like a big scavenger hunt, which they play in New York, London and a few other places around the world.

You basically receive a voice message telling you a location to meet and that is it. I don’t want to ruin it, so won’t say too much, but basically we had to meet at a black anchor and then a man told us he has something for us. We were given items and a map and we needed to go see certain people, drop off items, work out the clues and run around downtown New York. It is a great way to see China Town, Little Italy, Brooklyn Bridge, a lot of the downtown attractions and is so much fun. The game goes for about 2.5-3 hours, you are in groups no larger than 10 people and receive beverages and canapes along the way. We loved it and will definitely do it again!

boat with black anchor

blind man, funny sign

scavenger hunt


By the time Accomplice had finished we were getting hungry so went to a Chinese stall that was near the Manhattan Bridge and bought fried rice – was so cheap! Thailand prices 😀

chinese stall

We then thought we would tick off the Brooklyn Bridge seeing as it was right there so walked across the Manhattan Bridge and back across the Brooklyn Bridge. We didn’t realise how much walking that would entail and after 2.5 hours of walking for Accomplice we were pretty pooped.

creative art

brooklyn bridge

brooklyn bridge


After we’d returned to Manhattan we caught the train back to Dan’s and had a couple hour nap to rejuvenate our batteries before we got ready to venture out again and see New York at night through the eye of the Empire State Building.


The view was amazing, unfortunately our camera started playing up so we couldn’t take as many photos as we had hoped, but managed to snap this one.


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