A Day at Sea

Our first destination was Copenhagen, Denmark, because of the distance we had a day at sea. Sea days were good fun, there were countless numbers of trivia games being held – which we won two of (2 more ships on a sticks whoo), beanbag championships, games, shows and entertainment.

ship on a stick

At 3:30pm the boat holds a high tea, so we all went to the restaurant and enjoyed cucumber sandwiches, scones with jam and cream, tarts, cakes and green tea.




After high tea Tim and I went to play beanbag challenge whilst Ivan and Jen went for a dip in the spa.

The beanbag challenge consisted of teams of two standing about 10-15m away from each other. We each had 5 beanbags and the aim of the game was to throw the beanbag through the hole on a wooden board beside your partner. Initially it was 5 points if you scored in the hole and 2 points if the bag just lands on the wooden board. We had to play against 5 different teams, it was knock out so the teams with the lowest scores were eliminated. Tim and I made it to the semi finals before we were knocked out by the team who ended up winning. Was really good fun 🙂

After the beanbag challenge Tim and I joined Ivan and Jen in the spa and relaxed until it was time to get ready for dinner.

Dinner tonight consisted of lobster tails and shrimp, was really delicious!


Before the dessert menu came out, our wait staff started singing congratulation to Tim and myself for getting married and to Ivan and Jen for their one year anniversary. They gave us a cute piece of cake with a candle in it.



After dinner we went into the common room and played a round of Jenga, the game seemed to last forever until Jen finally removed the loosing piece.


Before heading for bed we went to the Folley’s theater and watched the Jazz Hot Show, an awesome musical productions with great dancers and singers. Was very entertaining.

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